The North Bay Intergroup of SAA is a fellowship of local meetings that exists primarily to reach out to sex addicts in Northern California.  It also supports individual groups in a variety of ways (see below) and supports the efforts of the ISO (International Service Organization of SAA).  The Intergroup is made up of SAA members from local meetings.  It usually meets the fourth Monday of every month at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, next to  Room #3 (Nursery),  547 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, unless otherwise noted on the website ( 

Local meetings participate in Intergroup through electing an Intergroup Representative who will commit to attending monthly Intergroup meetings.  Intergroup Reps serve their local meetings by seeking their group’s conscience on local issues and sharing that group conscience to the Intergroup when appropriate.  Reps also bring information from Intergroup back to their local groups.  Intergroup Reps can also transmit excess 7th Tradition funds from the local group to Intergroup at the monthly Intergroup meeting.

The general purpose of Intergroup is to pool the efforts of groups to more effectively reach out to sex addicts.  Some of the ways Intergroup does this is by:

  1. Exchanging meeting information and maintaining a local area meeting list to provide more options for recovery;
  2. Distributing meeting lists to area therapists and others who might be in contact with struggling sex addicts;
  3. Maintaining a local area website ( and phone line 707-408-1078
  4. Planning local events such as the annual picnic
  5. Pooling excess group funds to more effectively reach out to sex addicts
  6. Donating a large portion of 7th Tradition funds to ISO
  7. Maintaining operational committees to address issues and to organize outreach efforts
  8. Providing a forum where groups can access the collective wisdom and experience of many groups;
  9. Discussing and distributing information about fellowship-wide issues
  10. Providing an opportunity for SAA members to make a service commitment outside of their weekly meetings.

The NorthBay Intergroup of SAA consists of representatives from many groups in Santa Rosa.

In order for Intergroup to be effective, it needs representation from as many groups as possible.  Every individual meeting is invited to elect and send an Intergroup Representative to represent the meeting at Intergroup.  If your group is not currently represented on Intergroup, we invite you to send a representative selected by your group conscience.  However, all SAA members are welcome to attend whether representing a meeting or not.

What is Intergroup?